About Me

I am a doctoral student in the department of political science at Stony Brook University. My broad research interests are race and ethnic politics, public opinion on immigration, and political psychology in American politics.


Primarily, my research focuses on the political implication of the changing inter-group relationship due to the influx of new immigrants from Asian and Latin American countries. More specifically, I argue that each immigrant group has its own stereotype profile, which can activate different threats among the mainstream society. Depending on which immigrant group and its associated threat are salient, the policy preferences of the public can shift to curtail that group's rights and form a temporary coalition with others.

Another line of my research centers on the political assimilation process of Asian immigrants. Particularly, I am interested in how Asian immigrants navigate through the racialization process and its political consequences.


I have also been collaborating with scholars on projects examining political information, ideology, and redistribution policy in general.