About Me


I earned my PhD in Political Science from Stony Brook University in the summer of 2021. My graduate research focused on using political psychology theories on cognitive bias and inter-group dynamics to understand what shapes public opinions on an array of high-profile political issues. 


Since July, 2021, I have joined Avenues: The World School's R&D department as a research associate. In the team, I am responsible for designing and administering surveys, harmonizing and preparing data for analytic use, and analyzing data to provide business insights. Another line of my work entails reviewing key research and writing research briefs, and assisting in the designing, conceptualizing, and planning of applied education research project. 

Besides working for my home organization, I have joined Georgia Institute of Technology's OMSCS community since 2019. I am specialized in Machine Learning. Through the study, I have built up my analytical skills in constructing predictive models and my programming skills to help me streamline my everyday workflow. 


Yangzi Zhao

LinedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yangzi-zhao-7a56251b3/





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