About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at Stony Brook University. My primary research interest focuses on understanding the psychology process and social context that affect the formation of public opinion on high-profile political issues. I have been working on projects concerning misinformation, news coverage on protective measures of Zika, Affirmative Action, and immigration policy. 

Besides conducting research and teaching at my home institution, I have been part of the Georgia Institute of Technology OMSCS community since 2019. I took machine learning as my specialization to strengthen my analytical skills and broaden my research perspective. 

I am interested in combining experimental study and data analysis to understand the dynamic of public opinion. I have significant  working experience with experimental design, questionnaire design, content/text analysis, regression analysis (linear, logistic, transformed logistic etc.), machine learning (KNN, decision tree, random tree, random forest, Q-learning), and computational simulation. I am interested in positions where my combined knowledge in public opinion research and data analysis can be the added value. 

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Contact Information

Yangzi Zhao

Social and Behavioral Sciences Building

Department of Political Science

S 753

Stony Brook University 

Stony Brook, NY 11794




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