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Working Projects

Turn Competence into Competition: An experimental study on conditions under which people will support policies restricting high-skilled Asian immigrants. 

A Model Threat- Understanding Racial Threat through White Attitudes towards Asians, with Julian Wamble

Authoritarians’ Economic Preferences:
Check Your Pocket Book or Follow the Norm, with Michelle Io-Low

CS Projects

Asian Population vs  Asian Restaurant Style

Does your favorite Chinese restaurant in town offer you General Tso's Chicken or Sichuan Boiled Fish? Should the chef carter local tastes by providing Americanized dishes or serve the most authentic cuisine to attract new immigrants and tourists from China? In this project, our team combined Yelp ratings and demographic data from US Census to see how Asian restaurants adapt the demographic change in US. Click here to see the project webpage by team Lilith (Cen, J., Fong, H., Shen, S. & Zhao, Y.*)